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Bring the magic of dance and the performing arts to your Nursery or School!

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It's part of our mission to make the performing arts more accessible and diverse. We can provide children and young people within your school or organisation the opportunity to participate in the Performing Arts, removing some of the socio-economical and cultural barriers that often prevent them from giving it a try.

We currently offer peripatetic teachers providing lessons for EYFS to KS4 in ballet, jazz dance/modern, contemporary dance, Musical Theatre and Drama.

In today's fast-paced world, our young people need more support than ever. Studies have shown that children who engage in dance and the performing arts receive wide-reaching benefits. We know that dance is excellent for aiding physical development, but it has also been shown to support cognitive development and promote emotional wellbeing.

Through creative movement and self-expression, children increase their self-confidence, think creatively, innovate, learn emotional regulation, and develop empathy and social skills.

Several studies, including a global student and parent survey, have shown that children studying music and performing arts subjects display more proficiency in maths and literacy. In countries such as the Netherlands and Japan, where students perform highly in these academic subjects, Arts education is a mandatory part of a school’s curriculum. Other studies show that children exposed to all three performing arts (Dance, Music and Drama) are happier, more engaged and enjoy going to school — all of which contribute to their future success and can lead to further achievement in higher education.

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