#TestimonialTuesday - Hawwa

In the coming few weeks We'll be posting a some feedback we've had from our Dancers and their Parents about our Camps!

Here's what Sameera had to say about our classes and our Last Summer Camp (Swan Lake):

"Hawwa really enjoyed the summer camp last year. It was like a dream come true...a whole week of ballet with friends and tutus....and to top off this wonderful week, a starring role in Swan Lake. Dance class has really bought out the creativity in Hawwa, she is forever prancing around the house, practicing the latest tap move learnt or never ending pirouettes. She has made some very good friends who are now just as important as the class itself. I highly recommend the dance camps, not only was it a creative and enjoyable  experience. Having a fun loving, experienced and brilliant Ms Amy just added to the joy."

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