The Snowman - Winter Day Camp December 2019

Wowee!! What an AWESOME time we had last week at our Snowman themed day camp. We called it a 'camp', but really it was a magical, super-fun dance PARTY all set around the 1982 story by Ramond Briggs and Howard Blake!

All of the children were so excited and full of anticipation for the morning's events when they arrived. It wasn't like any dance class they had been to, and you could tell they were intrigued! Why was the ballet studio covered in fairy lights? Why was there a weird white thing that looked like an alien? Who was that fellow with the camera? (It was Mr Kel, my lovely partner and DMD cheerleader).

There were some dancers we already knew but quite a few new faces too, which made the day lots of fun! We always like meeting new people and making new friends! After some games to help get to know each other and warm up our bodies and voices, it was time to dance our way through our extraordinary Christmassy story! I could tell that Miss Vicky, Miss Anna and Mr Kel were just as excited as the children!

Using the fantastic score from the stage show and our bubbling imaginations, we used games, mime and dance to reenact each moment. We played in the snow, built the Snowman and tried to get his nose in the right place. We crept all around the sleepy house and even went walking in the air. We danced with all the other Snowman at the north pole and played an intense game of pass-the-parcel, then finally it was time to head back home. The end of the story is kind of sad, but we helped to cheer ourselves up by making our very own snowman Christmas tree toppers!

After such an energetic morning, it was so satisfying to tuck into our popcorn and hot chocolate (gluten-free and vegan) and getting snuggly on our cushions to watch the movie on our big screen.

Our winter day camps are becoming one of our best seasonal traditions here at Dance Magic Dance. I can't wait for the next one!

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